Saturday, May 21, 2011

Goodness It's been chilly this week.  Most nights we've been running the furnace since it's been getting down in the 40s.  But it's supposed to warm up this weekend.  80 degrees will be welcomed.

I've been slowly plugging away on my "Red" piecing.     One unit is all sewn and now I'm working on the other unit that will combine with the angled piece that you see here.
That's a LOT of white squares added to the corners.  Something like 480 - 2 1/2" squares.

When I first started sewing the squares to the bricks I was pretty much eyeballing the best I could.  I was doing ok....but...
Then I remembered that I had a guide that I could put on my machine.
Sooooo I had to spend a bit of time tracking it down since I'd put it away "somewhere".

Finally found it and taped it down and away I went.  Now this is much easier.

The bed of my Janome is a tad bit small for the mat but I've managed to make it stay in place well enough.    I usually pencil mark the back of each of the squares when I sew this type of block....but with this pattern there were just too many to do that way.
Yea I'll use this guide again and save my pencil for writing.  HA!

And while I"m sewing I'm also adding another seam 3/8" away from the first one (per Bonnie's instructions) so when I cut off the waste triangles they're already seamed together.
<< TaDa
They just need a good pressing and then stored away for another project.

This pile doesn't EVEN begin to show how many of these little buggers there are.  Ironing these has pretty much been all I've done this week.  LOL

So I'm heading off to do some more sewing, cutting and pressing.  "See" you next week........
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  1. It's good to see you slaving away in the ol' sewing room LOL. That is a LOT of little white squares!!



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