Tuesday, May 31, 2011

 It's been a long eight days since the tornado hit Joplin.  All of my family living in the area are all OK and safe.... and even though my granddaughters boyfriend lost his apartment... he was not there when it hit and he was safe.  I count the blessings.  

Our hearts are broken and we sob for the families who have lost loved ones.  And all we can do is pray and reach out to give what we can.
The physical devastation the wind left in it's wake is unbelievable.  
The emotional trauma that has left multitudes trying to find stable ground to stand on....is unbelievable.
The prayers and love that keeps pouring into Joplin is unbelievable!    
     And day by day.... minute by minute stable ground is being found and healing has begun.
Another day....
So for today I'm going to post a few quilting pictures....hoping this will be one more step toward finding my normal.

<<< This is a piece of the block I've chosen for May's
Monochromatic Challenge from Judy's blog. 


The finished 8" block is called Jack in the Box by Bonnie Hunter.  I saw this pattern in the January/February issue of Quiltmaker magazine.
I'll be making 30 blocks and adding red sashing and a border to finish at 58" x 68".  A nice sized snuggle quilt.
Keep sending healing prayers for Joplin.
And hug your family tight.
Thanks for stopping by....


  1. Love that block and love your choice of fabrics.

  2. Love the block, it looks great with all the different reds you have chosen.
    Thinking of those that have suffered through the tornadoes.

  3. The block is awesome Linda!! I'm so happy that your family and loved ones are safe. I still can't get over the devastation!!


  4. It's going to make a really nice quilt! Good job!


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