Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Well.... I'm almost a week into this new month and I'm just finishing the Brown Monochromatic Challenge quilt for March.  I've always said that I'm a slug when it comes to cranking out finished tops and this one is no exception.  I don't know where the last couple of weeks went or even what I accomplished.

Oh well...back to the quilt.  I toyed with adding another border (and I may still do it yet) but for now I'm calling this top finished.

Here are just a few of the border blocks I made.  This was fun trying to put the jigsaw strips together to make a straight strip.  Time consuming .... but fun.

 If you would like to see the brown quilts some of the other quilters made just head on over to Judy's Patchwork Times blog.

Now I have to think about this months color.
OMGosh!  It's ORANGE!     

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  1. I like your brown border pieces. I can't wait to see the oranges.
    My favorite color.

  2. I love how your quilt turned out. I would not add another border, but a dark binding would serve a similar purpose. Just my rambling thought :)

  3. The quilt came out great Linda :0) I don't think it needs another border unless you need it to be bigger....


  4. You made brown look really good. I did a brown log cabin recently and was surprised at how great it looked. And I already have an orange quilt (favorite color) so I guess I am ahead of Judy's game.


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