Friday, April 8, 2011

Pondering is over and I've decided I really needed this to be a bit bigger so I added a dark brown border.
Better now!

I spent a couple of hours this afternoon trying to find some "Orange" fabric to start this months challenge.   No luck!
I don't like orange.
 I don't buy orange.
 Sooooo unless something really magnificent pops into my head about the one piece of orange striped fabric that I did find..... I guess I'm going to pass on this months challenge.

I think I'll pull out one of the UFO's  and see how much I can get done this month.   And next week I'm going to try to get hubby to add more shelves to the closet so I can have more space to organize my fabric.
Have a great weekend.  
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  1. Funny, that is how I felt about the brown. I have some browns but saving them for a pink and brown I've wanted to make for a ORANGE? I have lots of orange, much to my amazement. It's not my favorite color and I always think I don't have much so would buy more when I'd find one I liked. Obviously it "talks to me" more than I knew. There may be an orange project in my future. lol

  2. The brown quilt looks great, Linda. Who is going to be the lucky recipient? I didn't use to care for orange, but now I really like it, so I will be eager to see what you figure out to do with it.

  3. I originally thought the quilt looked just fine without the border. I stand corrected....I love how it's framed out and it makes it much brighter :0)

    You could always just do a doll quilt or table topper of orange, just so you can say you did something in orange. If you don't like it, give it away :0)


  4. I love the top. Brown is one of my favourite colours. I really how the outer border frames everything.

  5. I like the addition of the dark brown border, kinda draws it all together! Great job!


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