Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Today was a quiet day.  The weather is cold, cloudy and dark and I was really chilled to the bone after we took the car to the repair shop early this morning.   I came home, grabbed a hot cup of coffee...redesigned my blog and after lunch I snuggled under a quilt to spend the rest of the day finishing the book I started last night.  
     Jessi had loaned me her copy of The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks.   It’s a quick read and a tear jerker towards the end.  I enjoyed it a lot.  Now I'll add it to my Safari Book shelf at the bottom of this blog.  

 Trent had been lifting my 5# hand weights off and on during the day on Christmas.  So when his Uncle Dan said something about how strong he was.... they got down to arm wrestle so Trent could show him.
I'm pretty sure Trent won.  (of course)  lol  


  1. I saw the movie The Last Song. The ending took me by surprise (and I have watched Nicholas Sparks movies before, so I was sort of expecting something sappy, but not that). It really is a sad story. But uplifting at the same time.

  2. Nothin' I like better than a good read but hate it when it's a quick read too. I tend to buy a book because it's thick and then for content LOL.


  3. Of course Trent won:) Love the new look of your blog!

  4. Does Nicholas Sparks write anything that doesn't make you cry at the end? I've read a few, and was dampening tissues at the end.


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