Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wow!  I knew it had been awhile since I'd posted .... but goodness!!!   

Our guild had our second Quilt Auction a couple of weeks ago.  I made two sets of (matching placemats and table mat) and a Ho Ho Ho wall hanging from Patrick Losy Christmas.  Santa was fun to put together and I plan to make more from his book.  Such cute patterns.  I wasn't at the auction since that was the day we got home from Lincoln.... but one of the gals told me all about it and said my HoHoHo sold for $55.oo so I'm pleased with that.  Not sure what the sets brought in.  Sounds like we had a successful Auction that will help build our bank account.  We also donate a portion of our sales back to a local charity of our choice.  This year we are donating to the local Majestic Theater renovation.    
about 36" square
I used Connecting Threads charm pack
Made with Jenny Beyer border print

I've completely lost track of time with all of the Dr visits and Don's surgery.  He's strong and dedicated to getting back to being able to do everything he used to do and now we're back home and settling back into our somewhat normal routine.   I've also completed this round of  knee injections for at least another 6 months.  Two trips a week, for 5 weeks, running to Holdrege.... along with extra days for Don's tests before his surgery has been just enough road trips for us for awhile.  (I wish)!!!   


  1. Great projects and $55 for the table mat is wonderful. I hope you two get back to perfect health very soon!!


  2. Wow, you made some great projects. I have always wanted to try some of the Jinny Beyer projects with her great stripes. Nice job and very generous of you!

  3. Linda, hope you won't have a heart attack hearing from me. You were missing in action with good cause, and now I've been missing. I really like your donation items, especially the Santa. I can see why that brought in such a good amount!


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