Friday, October 29, 2010

Good morning..... I was reading my newsletter from this morning and Bob had a link for a new site called Find My Fabric .  If you don't have all the important information about the fabric you need....all you have to do is take a good picture and their software can 'read' that pic and tell you an online store that may have it in stock.    This has the potential to become a great help for those of us who seem to run out of fabric before a top is finished.  (Me!!)  

Today I'm going to be working on attaching a border to a Christmas panel.  I want to miter the corners since the border fabric is a stripe.... (notice I said "want")... but I usually have a hard time getting all four corners to look right.  Wish me luck 
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  1. Hey cool site. I've bookmarked it for future reference!! I'm wishing you luck on that stripe, I'm sure it will come out beautiful :o)



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