Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Yesterday morning I worked on this months Pizza box.  Lisa is using patriotic fabrics and she picked this pinwheel pattern.   The block measures 6.5" finished so it will take a lot of these to make a good sized quilt.  She had precut all of her blocks to the specific size (3 1/8th") the pattern recommended.  And it stated: cut the square in half and sew light and dark triangle together.  About three of us followed the pattern instructions.    
Well....She's going to have to sash all of the blocks though since about half of the gals made the pinwheels by layering a light and dark square - drawing a line on the back and then sewing on each side of the line and cutting on the line.  It's an easy technique but they didn't realize that they needed the square to be 3/8" bigger to make the block finish to the right size.   But the finished quilt will be cute whatever she decides to do with the squares.
I enjoyed making this block.

And here's a quick peek at Don's quilt so far.  I'm liking this a lot!! 
Oh!  Just ignore those two blocks.  I still haven't gotten them sewn down yet so they're staying on my design wall till I do.  They're 18" square so they take up a lot of the wall space.  I need to figure out how to store them when I get each one finished.  They're too big for a pizza box and I don't really want to fold them....but that's probably what I'll wind up doing unless one of you have an idea for me. 


  1. OMGoodness Linda, Don's quilt is fantabulous!!! I love it. Have you checked with the pizza place to see if they have boxes for extra large pizzas? Ou local Pizza King has great big boxes.

  2. I use either a pants hanger or a skirt hanger to hang large pieces or blocks that I don't want to fold. I then hang them on an over the door hanger / hook. The system works great!

  3. Don is going to love his he still clueless? Maybe you get some acid free tissue paper and cover a mailing tube, then roll the blocks around the tube with layers of tissue between them.


  4. Wow, Linda, that's looking awesome. You've got some really great fabrics in there! My suggestion was going to be an extra large pizza box (like Jacquie suggested), or an inexpensive artist's portfolio. The portfolios are basically two pieces of mat board that tie together with twill straps or sometimes you can find the ones that are more like a huge envelope. Michael's sells them.

  5. I'm loving Don's quilt and so will he! It reminds me of the pattern of an afghan I crocheted some years ago. It's amazing how much interest can be created with simple black and white and another color. Great job! BTW I like using the pants hangers as well.

  6. Donna...a portfolio is exactly what I was originally thinking about. So that our artistic minds working? hahaha But the hangers or the tubes will be much easier to pull together. Thanks girls for your suggestions.

  7. Don's quilt is looking great, and pinwheel looks like a ton of points to match! It's pretty though.


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