Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We're back home.  I've caught a bug so I'm dragging and don't feel like accomplishing much.  I hope I get well by Saturday so I can at least enjoy Alivia's volleyball league tournament. 

We did spend yesterday morning getting an estimate for the car and talking to our local insurance guy.
[rewind a few days].....

We pulled up to Deb's around 4:00pm Friday and Saturday morning when we went out to the car to go shopping.... we found the back window had been broken out. 
Apparently someone thought it would be lots a fun to throw a socket wrench at our car.  We found it in the grass and turned it over to the police so they were hopeful that maybe a print could be lifted. 
We don't hold out to much hope though. 
Our SIL taped a piece of heavy plastic over the window and it is holding on very well.  He did a great job of cleaning it all up. 
It's a good thing because it may take a while before we get it fixed. 
Seems the car is old enough that they don't make the window replacements anymore and it will have to be a used window.  Whatever works!!!   I just want my good ol' car back in shape. 

Aside from that.....We had a wonderful time with everyone this last weekend.  Remember I told you we were planning to go to the Maple Leaf Festival?  Well......hahahaha  It did start Saturday but we thought we would be going to the parade
That's next Saturday.  LOL  
The Festival lasts a week and ends with the parade. 
I really didn't care one bit.  We all got quite the laugh after we realized what was going on.

I bought me a new camera while we were there.   I found a Canon Power Shot SX120. 
So far I just love it. 
I still have a lot to learn about all the settings and what I can do with it. 

The pics I have taken so far have turned out great. 

Of course any camera would do a great job on these three.

 Gosh I miss everyone already!!!


  1. Dang...some people just need to get a life instead of making life miserable for other's huh? Hope you get the car fixed soon and more importantly hope you get to feeling better even sooner!

  2. Sorry about the car, Linda. It's so frustrating, isn't it, that some folks get such a kick out of making life tougher for others. I agree, the pics of the three children are as cute as they can be. Enjoy that new camera!


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