Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Redwork Santa's

Yesterday I started quilting my Santa's. I'm doing a beadboard outer border and x's in the sashing. I wanted to try my hand at Pebbles and I'm certainly not an expert that's for sure....but they do seem to be getting easier after three blocks. I like doing them and really like the finished look.

I still much prefer doing the paisley stitch but I did want to try McTavishing. OMGosh I'm soooooo bad at it!! hahaha But I AM determined that I can at least do some semblance of this style of quilting. So .... looks like I have a whole lot of practicing coming up. Of course I should have done that before I put it on the quilt....
but .....
that's just not me.
I tend to just jump in with both feet.
And then: "Oh Oh!". ;0)
So today will be moving on to quilt more.
Oh the dream!! To have a longarm with a micro-drive.
hahaha Yep Jess! Every girl's got to have a dream!

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