Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday Morning Report....

After making a little miscalculation I have now figured it out and resewn the blocks I goofed up on.  So far .... So good.
I'm a little concerned that I won't have enough strips to make this quilt as large as I'd like.  I'm shooting for a Full size if I can squeeze it out.  I may have to resort to slap'in a border on it to get to that size.
 This is what I have so far.  And this is all that I can put on my design wall and if I can make it full size I'll have to lay out the last column somewhere else.  And of course, I'll do a bit of shifting blocks around after I have them all made.

I'll be linking to Judy's Design Wall Monday post so let's go check out what some of the other quilters have been working on.  
..... Have a great day. And stitch happy!


  1. You know what? My FQ are not the same as your strips!! I have some but not all of those colors/prints - so if you need/want some of mine - you might want to wait before you sew all of your blocks together - so mine won't look like you ran out and had to fake it. But then again - a BIG white border might look pretty good - haha - ;))

    1. hahaha That BIG border is exactly what I was thinking the farther along I get. And I googled and found out that my strips are different. What is selling now is like yours apparently. I have no idea where I got mine but apparently they must be older than I thought.
      Anyway I'm coming along with my blocks and have gone back to EQ and figured out a way to decrease the blocks and increase the border(s) and still get the size that I want for the quilt.
      Thanks for the offer anyway.


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