Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I'm at the home stretch....

I've been slowly working on this in bits and pieces and now I almost have this snuggle top together.  The bottom border still needs to be attached and then just a couple more simple borders to add.

All the quilts I make I design with EQ7.  Then I'll print out the quilt and use the rotary cutting printout to cut the borders.  That works perfectly for a plain border .... but not so much with a block border.  I'm not sure what happened but even though I used the right number of blocks (cut the right size) I had to adjust my seams on the block border just a smidgen to get the right lengths.   I guess I should have sewn a fat ¼" instead of my normal scant.  Amazing how a small detail like that will make such a big difference in the end.
I'm planning to finish this top today and get the next Christmas snuggle cut out.  It sure feels good to get back into the studio and sew.

Since it's Wed I'm linking over on Esther's WOW -WIPs On Wednesday.  

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