Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hand work....

For the last few years I've found myself sitting at this computer for longer and longer periods of time while I read blog after blog after blog.   I love blog reading!  There are so many really good blogs out there.
But..... that has been taking too much of my precious time.  
So when the new year rolled around I made a promise to myself that I'd try to become more productive with my time this year.   This month I've started to pare down some of the blogs I've saved in Google Reader and I've picked up a new project.
(I could never give up All blog reading though.) 
I started out with a couple packages of 1" foundations just to see if I would even like to make hexie's.  I figured that size wouldn't be too small or too big.   So far I'm loving these!  
I scrounged up a few scraps and started cutting squares and basting the hexie's.   Once I had basted all of the colored fabrics, I decided I would be able to make a nice sized table topper by surrounding each flower with background fabric.  
These are the colored hexie's (plus a few background) I have ready to sew together.  


Is anyone else sewing hexagons????

I hope you're having a great day. Glad you stopped by.....Linda


  1. Love your fabrics. Hexies are addicting. I started my queen size (I hope) hexie project last Feb and am about 3/4 done. I don't work on it every day so it is slow going. It's also 1" hexies.
    I agree about the time spent reading blogs. I've not only severely scaled back on the number of blogs I actually read, but haven't been blogging myself. It still didn't result in much more getting accomplished last year. Guess I'm just slowing down...period.

  2. One-inch hexies!! What fun!! Love your colors - is that a CT collection? Looks like you have enough to keep you busy for a while - and it's a nice break from EZ Street - ;))

  3. Look at you go on these! It is good that you have a hand project to work on between sewing thinigs.


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