Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We're home from a wonderful 4th of July weekend with family.  Lots of laughing, eating, shopping, eating, laughing, a few fireworks, eating and more laughing and just having a blast.

The "girls" days consisted of a yummy lunch at Sandstone Gardens then hours of shopping. 

One day we spent a couple of hours driving through the path of the tornado.  
I was impressed with the amount of cleanup that has already taken place.

I learned that even among the devastation and the sadness there was inspiration everywhere.

I learned that this was a special place for the volunteers to come and sit a spell and rest.  
And leave a piece of themselves.

I learned that even where there were no signs of progress concerning debris removal...
There was an undeniable sign that life goes on.
I learned that the trees amid the destructive path was sending forth new growth where they had been stripped clean.
And I learned to not read the trees.

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  1. How wonderful to spend time with the family. It's great to see that many are starting to get their lives back together.


  2. We went yesterday for the first time and learned pretty much the same thing. One of our church members has made available a home where rescue workers can come for a sandwich, shower, rest, and now a place to stay overnight. Healing will take a long time but it will come.


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