Sunday, September 27, 2009

I've decided to take another online class at MQR.  This class is called "Portraits in Cloth" taught by Jean Shute.  I love her teaching style.  The first class I took with her was "Color and Design" where we learned about color, how to apply it and used crayons and paint.  I loved that class and learned so much from her so I decided I'd better get in on this one too. 
..... So OK..... I haven't actually used any of the techniques I learned in the other class .... but it is all in my head just waiting.  Someday!

Our first lesson for this class was to pick a picture of someone we want to make a fabric portrait of, and Jean showed us how to use Photoshop Elements to tweek the photo to a black and white.  This is the one I've chosen...... of course!! Who else?!!!
This week we will learn how to make the pattern.  I still need to choose the fabrics that I want to use and I'm waiting on the Prisma colored pencil order to come in. 
I sure hope I can get this to be at least recognizable when I'm finished.  heehee

Yesterday we spent the better part of the day watching Beth play in a volleyball tournament.  They played very well the first four games and took first in their pool play....but then got beat out in the next round.  Beth jammed her thumb bad during the last game and I could tell she was hurting a lot.  She never gave up playing but it did alter her hits.  Still.... she had a very good day of play and we enjoyed watching her. 

So today I plan to spend the day "sneaking around" again.  And I still have the label to put on Scotts quilt then I'll wash & dry it and post the final picture.

Have a GREAT Sunday   


  1. Aren't techniques like least you have them? LOL


  2. I'm anxious to see what you come up with for this class! Knowing you, it will turn out beautifully!


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