Saturday, August 16, 2008

Here I am again....

Whoa!! I knew it had been awhile....but 15 days!!!?? Criminy!!
I really have turned into a couch potato with these Olympics. Of course the week before they started .... I have no excuses for not posting.

Finished the color class I was taking at MQResourse and I enjoyed it so much. I feel I really gained some valuable information. No homework to show for the last two weeks of class tho. I will definitely not hesitate to take more online classes in the future. That was a lot of fun.
I have two panels of Evelin's quilt put together now. I would occasionally go sew a seam or two during a slow down of the events.
Oh wow it is going to be so pretty. Here's a sneak peek at just one panel. I picked up the backing fabric the other day so I'm all set to finish this one.
But (having a senior moment)....I walked out of the house without taking Gina's quilt with me so I could get the backing for it while I was at the LQS. Oh's just on hold now until I can get back to Holdrege (5 weeks from now). I wish there was a LQS closer to me. :(


  1. OMG - this is prettier everytime I see it! We've missed your blog so it's good to have you back. Only 1 more week of the Olympics and then all our machines will be humming again!


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